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    I have tried to find this information on the forum, no luck.
    just got my new treo 650 last night with rogers here in toronto.
    i am already hooked on it, amazing tool/toy whatever you want to call it.

    the question I have is how do you check how much data you have used on the phone, if you have for example a 7MB data plan I want to make sure that I stay under this... is there a feature on the phone I can use to find this info, reset it every month and thus not fund ted rogers' portfolio any further than necessary

    please direct me to the correct subforum if this is not the appropriate one for this question

    thanks for your answers
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    Try TrafficStat. You can download and test from
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    TrafficStat is NOT accurate... I'm not even sure it's remotely useful. It misses a LOT of activity on my phone.

    SmartPhoneTools might be better, but I'm not currently willing to pay $20 to test that theory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bababui
    I have tried to find this information on the forum, no luck.
    That's what this guy said:

    See post 6 in the above thread

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