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    Does anyone know if a program like this? specifically I have a 425 page book in pdf form and would like to listen to it during the day at work, and the screen is too small to read it.
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    That kind of program would certainly be coolio. I don't think one exists, though. Is there an audio version of the book you want to read?
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    unfortunatley not.....i wonder if that is even possible for a program to do that.....
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    There was an old APPLE ][ Program called SAM- Software Automated Mouth. It did this. It was maybe like 60k.

    Hmnn... I have the emulator, and the disk- somewhere. Getting your text to Apple could be tedious though... no guarantee the speaker would work.... but a palm port- it can't be that hard... I think the program was basic, I remember hacking it to add my own text. ahhh... 1983...
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    there is one that I posted recently about here on TC, check my previous posts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gt5l
    there is one that I posted recently about here on TC, check my previous posts.
    But that symblic quality is not that good, and how do I get it read my mails or other text - it reads a maximum of 10 words and I have to hit say button to read it!!

    If there is a better version I will be willing to test for you aswell gt5l..


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    Kalyan, I was just relaying the infomration, I have not tested the sw myself.
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    Update- I found S.A.M. and ran it. It works, but the speech comes across the treo speaker as a crazy garble of tones.... Oh well.
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    You mean you modified this code from or the original S.A.M for Apple ported to Palm?

    Interestingly I also found S.A.M manual at


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