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    Hello everyone.
    I've always come to this site to find great resources on fixing and enhancing my treo. Now, i really need your help.

    I've tried doing searches on this but i really don't think this issue has come up that i saw. I had done the aluminum foil trick to seal the deal on the static problem when calling people. I really didnt need to do this since twisting the wires previously worked great, but h*ll i figured i'd do it for 'icing on the cake'.

    Everything looked good and things were back to factory reset. Made a few calls to my landline phone and we were in business. As soon as i synced my information back to my treo, problems arose. Going into preferences and switching the date to the current one, the treo froze... no big deal. Just did a quick reset and we were good to go seemingly. However, when i tried again, same thing happened and now im stuck. It wouldn't boot to the palm screen so i did a hard reset. However, right now it is just sitting on a white screen doing nothing at all. A soft reset blanks the screen but comes back with just white. I'm a few clicks from just braving it out and moving up to the 650, but i wanted to know if the charging trick for a day or so would help the issue. The battery was not low in charge at all that i remember. Thanks for any suggestion!
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    I got the same White Screen infact the only way I was able to get around it is by doing battery disconnect hope this helps. But just an FYI I am already getting a replacement Treo in the next few days it got so bad it stuck blank white screen for a whole day I can't take it anymore.

    Battery Disconnect

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