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    Is it possible to change my username that appears on the top right-hand side of my Treo 650 screen when I hotsync? If so, how can I do that?

    Thanks for looking.
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    Hard reset and when you hotsync the first time, create a new user profile. Or look for MultiUser Hack or ChangeName (I think)
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    Thanks for your help.
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    Be advised that your data will still be stored in the other username file and if you are syncing to the Palm Desktop - you'll have to export the data from the old user and then import to the new user via the Desktop.

    If your syncing to Outlook - hopefully the Palm Conduit will correctly create the new user and use the old Outlook profile and you won't miss a beat.
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    There's an option for this in the menus at the top of the Palm desktop.
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    What about software that's registered to the old user ID?
    Do you just ask the developer to change the registered Sync ID to the New one?
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    On Mac with Missing Sync, go to Handheld>Edit Handhelds, highlight the User Name to be renamed and hit the Rename button.

    It takes care of everything on the fly. No moving of data on the Mac needed. Of course, it cannot help any license issues with titles tied to the User Name.

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