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    I have a TomTom GPS- with it I get maps, directions and roadside stops.

    En route and once I get to my destination I need to quickly find local info based on my current position- restaurants nearby, gas stations, hotels, etc.

    What info do you need when you are travelling in the US? Please give some suggestions of what you need to have at your fingertips.

    Here are my required ones- local:
    - weather and forecast
    - traffic conditions
    - road conditions
    - tourist sites
    - entertainment locations
    - local radio stations
    - businesses (grocery stores, pharmacies, etc)

    What do you wish you had at your fingertips?
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    Wi-Fi hot spots.
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    Cheapest gas prices in the local area.
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    For fun, I'd like to know if there are any Geocaches around!
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    Traffic/road conditions;
    Gas stations;
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    TreoAlarm gives me weather and forecasts, TT gives me everything else I want.

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