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    Hello Group:
    I have switched my Treo 650 from Sprint to Cingular, and when I did the sync, my new phone now has some of the old Sprint features in the menu on the phone (such as places to download games, ringers, etc.), but not a lot of Cingular stuff. Plus, when I try to open SIM services, it isn't able to open. Does anyone know of a way to download the Cingular programs onto the phone (using the accompanying CD) and get rid of the Sprint stuff, but not messing up any of the other settings or having to do a hard reset of the phone. I would have thought it would happen automatically with the new phone. I don't want to end up with a worse mess than I already have--in other words my phone is working, etc. I'd appreciate any suggestions.
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    I would say you already have a mess! Because you synced over a lot of files that are specific to the Sprint CDMA system. I went from Sprint to unlocked GSM ( Cingular is essentially a locked GSM) and had recurrent crashes and resets, until I did a hard reset, then loaded all my programs on fresh.

    Good luck
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    Just to underscore what Shadowboxer said: do a clean install to keep any bad settings from "coming back" after your next hot sync:

    Cheers, Perry.

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