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    I'm looking for suggestions for a bluetooth headset and voice command software to use with the Sprint Treo 650.

    Sprint tech support suggested the Body Glove Blue Voice headset coupled with the Voice Command service.

    I want to be able to put on the headset and activate the Voice Command software on the Btooth headset. Basically, I want everything to be completely wireless and handsfree.

    I appreciate any suggestions. I'd ideally like to hear from people who're successfully using a setup of their own.

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    I have searched this and all I have found is that it can't be done. I do not own a BT headset because of this. As far as I can tell, you can answer calls but you can not initiate calls with any voice command software. Hopefully somebody will come up with a solution, but it has been a while and there isn't one yet so I'm not holding my breath. I do use Voice Dial though and I like it, no need to train it.
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    I did a lot of research about six months ago; I was checking in w/the Treo community to see if someone had figured out a solution or if there had been a firmware update that resolved this btooth shortcomings on the Treo 650.

    I currently also use Voice Dial and it IS great. I'm not surprised that Sprint recommended a voice dial service for which they charge $5/month. I was assured that Voice Command and the btooth headset by Body Glove WOULD work.

    I'm still looking for other suggestions. Does anyone owning a Treo 650 use handsfree/voice dial software together with a btooth headseat? And, if so, HOW do you use the voice dial software/headset together?

    Thanks again for any additional info.

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    I'm working on something you'll be interested in!


    (KeyguardTime+ thread on

    Stay tuned.
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    TMT, I'll look forward to it.

    I'm surprised that I haven't heard more options/opinions from other users. I'd assumed that Treo owners would be pretty tech savvy and have a need for the BlueTooth/Voice Dial combo.

    Is it now an accepted fact that the Treo 650 does not have true Blue Tooth capability?

    Sprint tech support is telling me one thing ("the Body Glove Blue Voice/Voice Command combo does everything") and I'm getting a different impression from this forum.

    Any more clarfication would be helpful.
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    I belive I have my setup as close to ideal as you can get with the 650. In fact it is as far as I want it go. The Treo is mounted (proclip) in a GPS charging cradle 2" to right of 3:00 position on steering wheel. To receive a call, I tape ANSWER on the screen by moving my right forefinger 2" and it's transferred to my headset. That's a lot shorter than taking my hand off the wheel and moving it up to my ear.

    To call, I move my figrer the same 2" to tap the Treo side button. The Voice Signal lady prompts me for what operation I want to do and I will either say something like "Open Navigator" to launch TomTom, Open Ferry SChedule to go to the ferry schedule web page or "Ca'll Phil on Mobile". The call starts and is immediately transferred to the headset.

    I prefer the one button initiation as I don't want to dal with false alarms....even in car systems like On Star are designed for one button initiation for voice prompts. The only thing that would be more convenient would be to assign one of the buttons on the steering wheel to set the Treo in voice command mode.

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