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    I just downloaded GeoView Mobile and some maps onto my VDx. Frankly, it's slow. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting but I couldn't picture myself in my car trying to look something up and waiting 30 sec for the screen to redraw. I was wondering if the performance on the Prism/Platinum is any faster? Also, how do the maps look on the Prism? It's an app like this that makes me wish I had the extra 200 bones for faster/color...

    Thanks for any info.
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    seems to be taking about 5-6 seconds on my prism. I was looking at map of indianapolis. seemed to be about the same time at every zoom level. street names took about 2 seconds to appear
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    I agree, the performance of this app on my blue VxD is pretty poor. It takes a good 6 to 10 seconds to load the map, no matter what level of zoom I'm at. I've downloaded the maps for my metro area and have been playing around with them as well, with the same results.

    Granted, the GeoView Mobile software *IS* free, but this level of performance makes me wonder how useful the Geode module will really be?
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    I think I read somewhere on the geodiscovery forums, if you turn off some of the "Places" under "View Info" screen (tap the big "G" on the map screen), it should speed up the map draw. For the record, I'm running afterburner on my Prism and haven't noticed a real issue with performance..
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    How do you get street names to appear? I loaded the Milwaukee city files- I saw nothing except city dots/names.

    Agreed. Performance is unacceptably slow.
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    Originally posted by dequardo
    How do you get street names to appear?
    I've already deleted the app.. but, as I recall... you tap on the road and it will display the name. I didn't explore enough to have any more info.
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    OK, thanks Tbone. Yeah, I saw the names when tapping a road but I expected major street names to be on the map already. Count me the 'already deleted the app group'

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    I got my Geode today. I for one like the app, although I haven't had a chance to play with it much. It redraws fairly quickly on my Prism.

    Now if it only displayed the map in color . . .

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