I have Butler installed and set to wake me up in the morning - and normally it works with no problem.
This morning, however, my T600 didn't wake me up. In fact, I woke up, looked at my phone, and I was shocked to see that I woke up a full hour before I normally do.
I was elated! Imagine what I would do with that extra hour of time! Wonderful.
Then, I looked at my clock radio, my wife's clock radio, the clock on the oven, the clock on my microwave, and the clock on my computer....and realized that it was my phone that was in error.
Of course, my first instinct was to "turn it off and on again" - do a soft reset, turn off the wireless mode, etc - but to no avail, my phone still was an hour off.
I have the phone set to display Sprint's network time. I called them - just to see maybe if their network time was off. The CSR did nothing but try to get me to renew my contract.
Am I right in assuming that it is a bad time signal sent my Sprint, and not fault of my phone? I manually set my Treo to display the proper time, so it's not a critical issue - but if it is my phone, I wonder how many other things might start to go south before they announce the 700p?