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    I just upgraded from a 600 to a 650. Most everything moved easily. The one problem I'm having is with SplashID. I was using the free version on the 600. The application moved to the 650 just fine, but the data did not. I got a fresh install of SplashID on the 650 with no data. The DB (SplashIDDB2-SpId.pdb) file is in my backup directory. Can I just move it to my 650? Where does it need to go to be seen and used?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    Just beam the the SplashIDDB2-SpId.pdb file over to the 650 (or restore from backup), and you'll be good to go. The file and main application should both be in the Treo's main memory, not on an SD card. However, after you've verified that the file is up and working, feel free to move Splash ID to an SD card using ZLauncher, PowerRun, or other external memory management utility/launcher.

    EDIT: Couple things I neglected... since you can't use the standard PalmOS interface to beam over database files, you'll need to use an application like freeware app Filez. Load that on your 600, open it up, and you'll be able to selectively beam over the database file to the 650. As also mentioned before, you can also load up the pdb from the backup on your computer, if you don't feel like messing around with the Filez.

    Finally (sorry I forgot)... Welcome to TreoCentral!
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    I dont use SplashID but I have a trial version of Splashmoney (and an SD card). I note that Splashmoney stores some of its info in the main RAM area, and some in the prog's folder on the card: SDCARD/Palm/Programs/SplashMoney

    I'd start with

    1. Make a backup copy of your backup file and store it out of the backup folder. (just for peace of mind!)

    2. Assuming you use Windows, start up the Hotsync manager, either thru the little icon on the Windows taskbar, or via the very obvious menu option in PalmDesktop. Choose "Custom", and look for SplashID under the list of "Conduits". Choose it and then set the "Action" to

    "Desktop overwrites Handheld"

    2. Do a hotsync. RAM is the default location for hotsyncing.

    Hopefully this will overwrite any existing DB that has appeared since your desired orginal disappeared.

    Since you will always have yr backup file, yu really cant hurt anything by playing.

    good luck!


    PS It is important to do it this way since the default setting for Synchronisation is two-way, with the newest version of the DB ending up on both PC and handheld. In your case this is likely to be a very small and unwanted DB on the Palm.
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    Geoff's method does work if you're using the paid version of Splash ID. However, since it appears that you're using the free version (which lacks the desktop application), then beaming/reloading the database file is the only way to go.
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    likewise - welcome to TC. As you can see its a great place, people are falling over themselves to give you help!

    allocentric definitely sounds like he is closer to The Source on this, so dont be distracted by my ramblings!

    do you know how to do a "restore from backup"? ive forgotten myself, since i use alternative backup measures. just ask again if you dont. someone else will illuminate


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    Quote Originally Posted by TRgEOff
    do you know how to do a "restore from backup"? ive forgotten myself
    Since this is for a single file, it just involves browsing to the Palm backup directory on your computer's hard drive, and double-clicking on the file you're wishing to upload to the Palm (double-clicking should launch the Hotsync Manager and place it in the in the "Install" window). The next time you sync up, the file should install to the 650.

    A word to the wise, though... since this makes it so easy to get older data onto your new Treo, it might be tempting to start moving over other files, too, such as the Contacts database, calendar database, etc. That's a Very Bad Idea™. If there's ever the option to upload from a desktop application to the Treo, go with that (such as what Geoff mentioned in his earlier post). It's almost always better to have a fresh database file created on your Treo through the sync process than sending over a file created on a different device (Why is this better? Because as new PalmOS devices come to market, they tend to make little tweaks here and there as to how the OS handles information. Uploading data files created on older PalmOS devices can cause your newer PalmOS device to get crash-happy).

    Since I've been using SplashID for years, I know that directly moving over the SplashIDDB2-SpId.pdb will work without issue... but it's best to avoid doing that with other files.
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    How about migration from splashID on a T650 to splashID on a T700? Can this be done or do I need to enter everything again?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonylito
    How about migration from splashID on a T650 to splashID on a T700? Can this be done or do I need to enter everything again?
    From SplashID's FAQ...
    How do I transfer my SplashID data from my Palm OS version?

    1. Launch SplashID Desktop for Palm OS.
    2. Select File > Export > SplashID VID and save the records. Password is optional.
    3. Launch SplashID Desktop for Windows Mobile.
    4. Select File > Import > SplashID vID and select the file you exported in step 2.

    Yes, you need to be using the paid version of Splash ID in order to do this, as a direct transfer of the PDB file from the PalmOS version to the Windows Mobile version won't work (PDB files are PalmOS-specific).

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