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    I have a treo 650, with rogers GSM Canada. I have on it the same software I had on my 600, basic major addons are, Agendus and epocrates.
    It is slooowwww, the down arrow in the phone button display the favorites slowly, there seems to be a lag in the response when I press any button.
    Secondly, lately my phone will go off with me pressing any button to put it off, it happens occasionaly.
    Thank you.
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    Make sure Agendus is up to date (10.07) and that your other software is friendly for the 650.

    There is significant change in the way the 600 and 650 handles ram, largely due to the fact that the 650 has non-volatile ram so it needs a different way of handling caching. Some poorly written programs will cause the 650 (and other NVFS palms as well) to crash or operate incorrectly.

    So make sure your programs are up to date, and list all the programs that run all the time. Also, try disabling ALL hacks you might have and see if that helps.

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