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    What have I missed? I have been frozen in time for a year. i.e. I have not synced in a year. I need to start catch up .Step by step of how to update my treo 650 to work in 2006 with entourage 2004 and some old firmware/software.

    As it is right now..
    I cant sync, I cant read my info . here are the facts:

    My intended result: To upgrade my treo, and make it able to sync w entourage 2004 on my Mac powerbook.

    Computer: powerbook 1 gig running jaquar 10.3.9

    Treo 650: firm ware 01.15
    softwar: treo 650 1.06- row

    how to upgrade...

    hardware: A

    Contact manager: Entourage 2004
    i need to know where the conduit is located etc..

    A step by step would be most welcome of how to accomplish that by some one who has done it or knows how...if there is more info you need just let me know...


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    Based on your treo specs. it doesnt look like you are using sprint as your carrier.

    I use sprint and syncing works well. Here's what I did. Upgraded to latest firmware (big improvement and added functionality overall.) I would recommend upgrading your mac to 10.4.4. Then get yourself mark space (missing sync) program. It has made my syncing life a heck of alot easier. You won't need the palm desktop software/condiuts at all. Missing sync works great on the mac and with entourage (sync notes, addresses, etc.)

    All in all just by upgrading your phone and your mac, you should be good to go. Missing sync is not a 100% necessessity but IMO 99.9% a must have app.

    My guess is this info would be recommended regardless of your carrier...perhaps someone else can chime in....

    Good luck.
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    thanks..actually I would be fine if I could just upgrade (unlocked) with cing. and get entourage to sync again. it was fine before... any one give me a step by step how?
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    Have you tried going to the palm site and looking for the current cing 650 updates? They should be there along with step by step.

    Another option would be to take it into a cing. store and have them upload the updates to your phone.

    One way or the other...get your 650 up to date. Then go about the next step of syncing with your computer.

    As far as the entourage sync...look into missing sync. Once your phone is updated the rest will be easy.
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