I just received a response from Seidio on my RBT-2010 Bluetooth receiver. It had ceased to work last week - no LED's were lit except for the charger indicator.

After I supplied Seidio with information they requested to diagnose the problem, their email stated this problem probably occured because the BT receiver had been connected to the charging cord for the cradle as opposed to the aux. charging cord from the cradle's DC-out port.

Re-tracing back to just before the BT receiver failed, I believe I did connect it to the cradle charging cord in an effort to charge the receiver with-out the cradle light sending out it's charging beacon at night and advertising I had a electronic device charging. I plugged the receiver to the cradle charger cord and stashed the receiver under the seat.

I'd don't remember reading this in the maunal, but it may be there. Point is:
Apparently, the DC-out port is internally transformed at the cradle to a lower output.

It would have been a better idea on Seidio's part to use a different plug sizes for the cradle or BT receiver to prevent this from happening.

My experience with Seidio CS has been good. I previously had a back-order problem and they were very responsive on the phone. I used email for this problem and it worked well also. Not as prompt, but to me that's the beauty of email. I select several times a day to review and answer email, and apparently they do the same. Seidio is going to repair my receiver. I will patiently wait for its return.

I won't make this mistake again. I'll always use the extension cable plugged to the DC-out port to charge this BT receiver.

For the record, when it was working, it's an awesome GPS set-up! The only other thing I'd like to see Seidio do in the future, (besides changing the plug on the cradle) is make a cradle that accepts the Treo 700 in a skin case.