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    Here is the statement from the avvenu review:

    A 700w on Verizon’s EVDO network will obviously receive files a lot faster than a 650 on a “normal” cell connection. Stick a WiFi card into your 650 and use a hotspot if you want to kick ****.

    Is the reviewer mistaken or did i miss a major development over the weekend?
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    Verizon 700 has wifi,treo 650 doesnt...there for you will need the Enfora Wifi sled
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    Add to that typo he didn't mention it requires win XP
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    yea that too.!!!! ooops, sorry.
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    I think this is a great, free, program. ANyone else enjoying this? This is moer convenient for me then having an FTP up on my pc at home.
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    Avvenu is a great mobile web app- works great on the home PC as well. It has come in quite handy for me!

    If you plan on using Avvenu, it may be a bit painful if you've got data scattered all over folders on your PC. Also, loading Google Desktop really helps when searching.
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    I loaded it right after reading the article and think it is great. I never got around to loading pics to my Yahoo site, plus I can access all my other files...
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    Avvenu just announced a +plus program, where you can sync your files to their cloud in the sky, so your computer doesn't always have to be on for you to get access to you files on your phone.

    Their forum is here:

    I just posted a new topic, asking them what size that storage space will be, so we'll see what they say. The service will be $2.99 a month or $30 per year.

    If it can act like Foldershare, I'm in.
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    anyone know how to overwrite files through Avvenu? I needed to edit a file & wanted to replace it remotely, but it just seemed to create a new file with [1] in the filename.

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