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    Couldn't find this in the manual, but does anyone know if there is a way to enable favorites for only certain views? Like I want only favorites to show on my power user view, but then I have a view named "contacts" and one named "MP3" and do not want favorites shown on those views because I want to see a list of my contacts and mp3's. I have my home key set to toggle views so when I toggle to those two views, I don't want to see favorites, but then when I toggle to power user, I want the favorites to show. Is this possible?
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    Try Menu-->Application-->Preferences-->List--> then uncheck "Show all favourites in all views" and see what happens. This may get you closer to what you're trying to do but I don't know if you can assign Favourites to appear only in specific views. When I uncheck the above stated setting, my favorites will only appear on my Power User view but will not appear on my "websites" or "music" views. Maybe this will help. You may find more in depth answers on the Hobbyist Software forums at MTDN
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