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    I went from my 650 to a 6700 this past weekend. I love the 6700, and will most likely stick with it. Did I have growing pains with Windows Mobile? Sure I did. But now that I've downloaded a few outstanding apps (Voice Command, Pocket Informant, Slingbox Mobile player, Spb Pocket Plus) I am not missing my Palm anymore. BT 1.2 is crystal clear, no static. Wi-Fi and EVDO are great. I have no complaints.

    I'm a happy switcher who used Palm since the late 90's. I have nothing against Palm, but I always hated Windows for some reason. I sync'ed all my Palm data into Outlook, and I couldn't be happier. I just never gave MS a chance. Outlook is a robust program and looking back at the Palm desktop (even with DB6 installed) it knocks the socks off of Palm.

    If you have used Palm Desktop for many years (like I did) just follow these simple instructions from Palm, Inc. on how to upgrade to Windows Mobile.

    Yes, Palm uses the term upgrade on it's own website. I find that hilarious.

    Good luck.

    Upgrading from a Palm OS device to a Palm Windows Mobile smartphone
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    Quote Originally Posted by bubbatex
    They (Sprint) will probably make you move to a $15 data plan - but in reality, you should be able to operate on your current plan.
    It usually makes no difference in price. I had the Treo 650 with Vision ($10) and the picture mail option for cameraphones ($5). So my data was $15/month. If you don't use picture mail, remove that option to make basic Vision $10.

    Sprint does make you go with a "Power Vision" plan (included EVDO) that costs $15/month (even if you aren't in an EVDO area). Since the PPC-6700 doesn't have picture mail (yet) it costs exactly the same.
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