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    One of the great features of Palms used to be the Find facility - simply write a word into the Find field, and all items across the whole device where that word featured would be displayed in order. This seems to be missing totally from the Treo, unless I just haven't found it. Is it just VERY well hidden, or has it gone? If so, anyone know of a share- or freeware alternative?
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    Press the function key then the key with the "magnifying glass" inscribed on it...

    This should pop up the "find" field in pretty much any application your in.
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    FindHack is a very nice alternative to the built-in too, especially if you have a lot of third applications.

    Despite the name it is not (any longer) a hack; it is a native OS 5 app.
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    Thanks to overdosis for that - why hide it in such a way, though? There's no manual to give you even a clue about features like that, and something of that significance should certainly be available through the on-screen UI, I would have thought. I didn't even think of the "lollipop on a stick" key - I totally focused on trying to find the feature within the UI. There is no other command that is hidden like this on the keyboard (unless you count the brightness control) and certainly not one that you would use regularly.

    Anyway, having now found this feature at last, it seems fundamentally flawed in this incarnation. Firstly, you can't hit the OK key with the centre button like you can with the default action in most other places. Secondly, and more importantly, all the found items seem to be truncated with an ellipsis about half way across the screen, and in the case of the Calendar items don't show the date alongside them. Why is this? If I have a regular meeting, for example, with the same name, I can't at a glance differentiate between them without opening each in turn and going back to Find them again every time. This is just one example of a use which is screwed up by this limitation.

    Gladdened that it's still actually there, but disappointed that it's not better...

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