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    I just recently bought phone technician yesterday and am having some issues with it. First of all I have an mp3 on my card that is set as the ringtone, but sometimes The ringtone works and other times it doesn't (the screen lights up showing that someone is calling but no ringtone plays). Another issue I have is after I change the ringer switch from vibrate to ring, the ringtone doesn't work until I soft reset. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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    I would suggest that you contact Rob (aka confusedvorlon), the developer of Phone Technician at, however I see you have.,32330.msg252453.html#msg252453

    When you use the test facility in Phone Tech does all test OK?

    If/when you discover it is not ringing (by seeing screen light-up) have you tried turning up the volume? There could be something else controling your ringer volume?

    Are you using Profiles or a similar program?
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    It tests o.k. if I choose test ringtone but not when the phone itself rings. I did have volumecare installed but uninstalled it because I thought that might be causing the problem. I haven't tried turning it up while a call is coming in......I will try that.......but if that was the issue wouldn't it never ring? It rings sometimes just not very often.
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    Actually I just found out the problem.........I had to give a name to my sd i just named it "external" and everything works perfectly now! Thanks for your help!
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    Glad it worked out.

    I have been relying on PTech for almost 2 years.
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    I also couldn't get butler alarms to work, but now they work great. It is amazing what having an sd card without a name will do

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