Hi - I made an unpleasant discovery today that the first sound file I paid for (89 cents) and downloaded from Rhapsody was an RAX-format. I downloaded that via PalmOne installer to my Treo 650 and then tried to play it with PTunes and no such luck. Then I tried playing it in RealPlayer on the Treo 650 and it gave me a very unfriendly message about "not having the rights to play this protected content" and an extremely long "Tell me more" that makes
sense only until one finds that the Transfer tab in Rhapsody does not have
a setting for Treo 650 despite having downloaded and installed the compatibility for that device in Rhapsody.

So... what to do? I want to keep PTunes, but it can't play Rax and ALL my songs are loaded into it currently from the memory card. I've heard the decoder to convert RAX to MP3 or burning to a CD the song with Windows Media or Real Player and then pulling it off in MP3 format are 'fixes' to get at my bought-and-paid-for song, but it is an incredible hassle.

Any wizards out there have something more elegant?