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    Thanks for the pics!
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    as far as the clip coming off easy, you have to keep in mind that using a coin and twisting it off can develop a good deal of force. the hard metal of the coin and the torque of twisting it can easily pop it off, however just pulling it off or it coming off from a bump would be unlikely. If you have ever taken something apart and had a nut be frozen in place when you use your fingers only to have the nut turn so freely with a wrench that you try again with your fingers and it's still too tight....same idea. I am now on week 2 with mine and no problems.

    At first I wondered why it didn't open all the way, but then realized that if it did and it was on your belt, it would quickly open up too far and the treo would end up on the ground.
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    I was hoping they would have the case open in 2 stages, one partially open like it is now, apply more pressure and open all the way. It wouldn't be all that hard to do, and it would make the case 10X more functional for me.
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    I picked one up yesterday from comp usa and like Lady Treo i also have a hugh amount of cases and i like the fit of this case the best easy to get at the treo and it does not feel bulky on my belt

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    is the design such that you need to remove it from the belt to get phone out safely? or can it be removed safely leaving case on the belt?
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    It can be removed, but you have to have a little dexterity. I usually grab it by the antenna and lift it out, there's a chance of dropping it if you're not careful.
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    it is very easy to remove treo from case while on your belt i dont find it to be a problem at all and i am really starting to like this case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fkpalm
    it is very easy to remove treo from case while on your belt i dont find it to be a problem at all and i am really starting to like this case.

    Fred... I agree with you. Its a nice case. I would have to say the materials are not worth the $$$... but the design is. It works for me.
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    im a case freak like to always change the way i carry my treo the thing i like the most about this case is it is not bulky on my side and gives the treo great protection and at the same time allows me to use the treo with out anything on it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitch3
    Thanks. Anybody every dealt with computer brain? They have this case listed at $25.25.
    Did you buy it from them? Any problems? At that price, I may buy one
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    i bought it from comp usa at full price on impulse you can find it cheaper on line.

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    will a treo fit in it while in a silicon skin case?
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    Nope, it's a snug fit when it is naked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacUser
    Did you buy it from them? Any problems? At that price, I may buy one
    Not yet. I was hoping someone else would go first.
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    I think computerbrain wanted a bit much for shipping...don't remember...

    I've ordered from these places before for small items...never had an issue though...

    I ordered the case from some place...I forget the name already....gotta check when I get home...but it came to just over $29 shipped.

    I'll let u know when it arrives.
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    Just got mine. Paid full price The function and fit of the case is great. Easy to access the device. My only issue is with the materials. They are definitely not worth $40.00. I will keep it though, as it functions perfectly and looks great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zoti
    will a treo fit in it while in a silicon skin case?
    Well, haven't sent mine back yet, because I really like it when I want my phone to be more protected, despite some of the negatives.

    Phone with egrips fits just fine.

    But, am I the only one who has trouble hearing my ring tone when the phone is in the case? There are no openings around the speaker. I may go ahead and modify mine to place some nicely dremelled holes over the speaker area.
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    I bought one yesterday and the only other thing (besides the holes for the speaker) I wish it had (considering its my first day with it) is the type of belt clip that rotates and clicks into position.

    Im probably going to modify mine as well for holes, Im also going to mod my Treo to attach a lanyard so I can grab it easily out of the case.
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    Got mine today. Great case but even at the $29 shipped I paid, it's still overpriced. At $20, it would be an even better case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vw2002
    damn! what is so difficult about making a good, solid treo case?!! palm, your killin me!
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