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    If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. This morning I was going through my call log and I hit delete call log and my phone shut down and now I can not access my phone to make calls and the phone completely shuts off and restarts whenever I attempt to answer incoming calls. I would love to hear feedback from anyone who might have experienced this problem and also from anyone who actually likes this phone. I've had this phone for three months and have had nothing but problems with it. I'll shut up now and hope to hear some good news back. Thanks to all who take the time.
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    turn the phone on and hit ##377 dial and see what the error message is
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    Thanks Scrupulous
    But I'm unable to even get the phone pad to activate. Everytime I hit the phone icon or press the green phone button it momentarily goes blank and reverts back to the default icon list. I can't dial any numbers
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    How did you delete your call log? Please be specific. Did you use the purge command?
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    Can you get to the stock apps launcher and launch the 'Phone app'? Then do the above (if on CDMA otherwise #*377) and see what the culprit might be. If the green phone button doesn't take you to the phone app, there's a prc floating around here to fix it. Buttonfix or resetphonebutton, something like that
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    Sound slike it's tome for a hard or warm reset. Instructions are "in da manual".
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    Have you tried hot syncing your t/650?

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