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    Hey, I'm new on the forum and am in need of some (perhaps silly sounding) help. I've never been too technical with the 650, only using it for the more basic applications. I bought my 650 in the beginning of July 2005 and haven't updated the software, but evidently I'm many versions behind. I'm scared to erase much needed contacts/ third party applications and have never done a hard reset so I've never needed to back up my stuff. Currently I've got a 512 Kingston card with a whole lot of free space, in case my backing up needs to go on the card.

    Here's my question: What do I do to make sure all my programs and contacts are backed up before I update the software, and will Palm Desktop take care of the contacts? Do I need a card reader? Is there anything else I need to know before I attempt this?

    Also, might this solve any of the Ringo Pro crashing problems that plagued my Treo before I had to get rid of it?

    My apologies if this is up somewhere else; I searched for any similar topic with no luck.

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    Do a sync. Do a backup to SD card with something like Backup Buddy. Hard Reset. Install the updater on "new blank" user. Run the update, reset. Restore the backup, finished.

    No card reader necessary.
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    If everything is working well for you then I'm not sure that your really need to update your firmware, if that is what you mean by "many versions behind." Firedog's way will work, & there are other ways to go about doing this. Whichever way you choose to you should go to ~/documents/palm/users and back up the entire folder first.

    Doing that will ensure that anything that gets messed up in the process can be fixed.

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