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    Well, this is my first posting from my new Treo 650, and already I am having problems. I recently received my GPS receiver, and after I installed the USB driver from the CD, my computer won't recognize it (it actually says it's malfunctioning). Is my GPS hosed or am I retarded? Also, when I plugged it into the wall to charge, the green battery light never came on, but the other two LED's started blinking; the battery indicator only turned on when I plugged it directly into my computer's USB port. Has anyone else had these problems?
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    Had similar issues with the holux that I bought initially. Returned the dam* thing. I bought the itrek M3 from semsons and have been a happy camper since. I take it around the country, stick it on the dash, fire it up and then the treo and off I go. Works very well. Others might have had good luck with it, but my 2 cents - ditch it.
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    Well, I'm reluctant to return it, since I bought it on eBay; I just need to know if there's something wrong. I checked Holux's FAQ and they said that the enclosed cable is for charging only and that you need a data cable; does anyone know if the data cable is a standard USB to mini-USB cable? Also, it links to my Treo just fine; it's recognised and everything, but since I don't have any software yet I can't see if it works.
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    try mapopolis then so you can see if it works...

    no the usb cable for data on the 236 is has a serial port emulator built into the cable...the charging one does not!

    the 236 appears to be usb but it is really a serial connection set up to receive only power from usb

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