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    I am open to change when the application I move has the minimal functions the old software. Case in point I used Snapper Mail starting back with Treo 300 and keep it when I upgraded to Treo 650. I would not switch to Chatter mail until it supported Saving messaged on SD Card. When that function was added to Chatter I move to that email client, and have not looked back. Chatter Mail was made for the Treo and did not have the entire luggage to support older Palm platforms.

    The same is true with ZLauncher it to has all the overhead of supporting older Palm platforms. But until I8 move all application files and databases to SD card it is not managing RAM effectively and not viable product for my use.

    I have moved TCPMP to SD card and the program with all plugins are moved to SD card. When I start TCPMP all are temporally copied back to RAM by ZL and the movie starts. If I interrupted and need to start another application TCPMP is removed from RAM while saving any changed databases leaving room for next application. When I return to the movie it starts where I left off because the database containing the position I stopped was saved and restored.
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    Well duh, he was too busy hitting "ok" every screen. No wonder you smoked him.
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    beantown I take it that your aviatar is a picture of your treo using I8?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwfos22
    beantown I take it that your aviatar is a picture of your treo using I8?
    Yep, along with a healthy Catherine Zeta Jones in the background.
    Sprint Treo 600 (since October '03) --> PPC 6700 (exactly 29 days) --> Sprint Treo 600 --> Sprint Treo 700p --> BB Curve 8330.
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    Function is excellent but looks is kinda bland. For me and Zlauncher, function is good and look is excellent, thus I'll stay with Zlauncher
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    So it is a toss up between the two I take it.I just need to know which one has the greastest range in functionality.
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    ZLauncher hands down, though the greatest range in functionality may not suit everybody's needs.

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    Have you tried Launcher X very simple it "just works" ,can set up a little easier that zlauncher.

    With Jeff of Volumecare fame taking over the program the application will only get better.

    *Also I was a "Paying" Zlauncher customer till I got my 700p ,was having lag btwn applications, when i took ZL out, no lag. Just my exp.
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    "Just works" would be a default ZLauncher install, I have no idea what you're talking about there.

    I belive the default ZL install is ugly last I saw it, but it certainly works.
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    "Just Works" = easy to operate, not hard to set up, Not over Bloted with extra's you will never use.

    Does its job efficiently , starting programs, and file managment ,and more importantly does not slow down my 700p.
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    ZLauncher couldn't be easier to operate with all the flexability. Set up one tab/category, copy it to the others. Dunno about the 700p, sounds like it has more problems than ZLauncher.
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    I was a Launcher III user with the Palm Vx and tried all of them when I went to the Treo.... I didn't so much notice a performance hit as I did a "me" hit as it took me longer to see just what was what on the screen....that is, i don't know that the Treo slowed down as much as I did from all the on screen clutter. PowerRUN did what I needed done with the card and the default Palm launcher was the one I found myself most productive with.
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    When I started looking for a launcher, I was using the Treo 600 and due to its screen resolution, never purchased one. Upon getting the 650, I gave it another go and started looking for a basic launcher. The basic launcher did not really do what I wanted; hence, ZLauncher was tried and that is what I purchased.

    Not wanting to slam anyone, I really like ZLauncher and its support. However, due to the country of origin and the track record of its government, I will switch to another launcher if one comes along that meets its capabilities. Specifically, if Jeff gets his launcher up to ZLauncher's capabilities, then I will switch without any hesitation.

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    Heh, Ben.. You're going to have a tough time following up on that. You'll have a hard time finding affordable things that aren't made there.
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    That is so true, but worth the effort. Ben
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