Just stopped working tried everything: I need to start over...Step by step of how to update my treo 650 to work with entourage 2004

I finally have a free day to learn how to do this...

I cant sync, I cant read my info ...please help me fix this here are the facts:

My intended result: To upgrade my treo, and make it able to sync w entourage 2004 on my Mac powerbook.

Computer: powerbook 1 gig running jaquar 10.3.9

Treo 650: firm ware 01.15
softwar: treo 650 1.06- row

how to upgrade...

hardware: A

Contact manager: Entourage 2004
i need to know where the conduit is located etc..

A step by step would be most welcome of how to accomplish that by some one who has done it or knows how...if there is more info you need just let me know...