Hi folks,

I have a couple of questions:

1) I've been reading the treo 650 manual about bluetooth setup, and it says there's a way to select "do not allow wakeup" in the bluetooth options menu. Well, for whatever reason my bluetooth options menu lists no options, other than "disable device name cache" and "about bluetooth manager." For a link to read what I'm talking about, it's on page 61 of this pdf file: http://www.palm.com/us/support/handb...p-o=2,100000,0

2) Is there a way to reduce the delay of call transfer between my headset and my treo? I'm using the Plantronics Voyager 510 headset. I've read people on this board saying that the transfer time is usually 2 seconds, but in my experience it's more like 2-3 rings. And when it finally transfers, the person on the other end of the line gets confused and thinks I've already picked up when the transfer process begins. Any thoughts?

Thanks everyone.