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    Palmary clock is very nice but takes about 600K. 9.95 clock takes only about 200K but has many fewer features. Is there a clock with more features that takes less memory than palmary clock?
    Laissez Faire
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    Does Palmary Clock need to stay in ram? Is it called on a schedule or anything like that? If not and it's something you just run yourself, you could move it to SD card with ZLauncher or other programs.

    Sorry, no suggestions (I don't have a cradle, therefore I don't use anything of this sort besides KeyGuardTime which is to show the time and some info on turn on) but figured I'd suggest to see if you can move it out of ram and not have to compromise on features.
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    There is always RMobile's MobileClock *aka Bob's Alarm. As a note, if moved to the SD card, it will not run automagically. So to run automagically, all of those programs just have to stay in main memory. Ben

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