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    I am having sporadic success with SMS sending/receiving on a Verizon Treo 650. I either never get some messages, or I will send one and it will never show as being received. The only thing that helps is a reboot or removing / reinserting the battery. Even then I only sometimes receive the messages lost in cyberspace.

    I live in Long Island, NY. I was on the phone with at least 4-5 different Verizon CSRs for 1.5 hours during one call... no kidding... they just kept handing me off to new ones, and each kept trying to send me text messages. At some point I finally got a few. But they decided my Treo was malfunctioning and sent me a new one. Guess what... same problem.

    This really bothers me since I am paying $4.99 for in TXT and PIX, as well as $24.95 for a data plan...

    Anyone experience this, or have any ideas? Any 3rd party apps that do the same thing as SMS?

    Speaking of 3rd party apps, I myself have only added 3-4 new apps. Not sure if they could be of concern.

    Thanks for any reply.
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    btt please
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    I have had this problem also. It appears to be a Verizon network thing, as it has occured on 3 different phones. The funnig this is once I power off the phone (non-PDA phone) or remove the battery or soft reset the Treo it comes back. I have a theory it has something to due if you are out of the Verizon coverage area and come back in you lose the SMS until the phone is powered off and on again.
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    I haven't experienced this problem very often. Usually if I get a message saying "unable to send message", I'm usually successful the 2nd attempt. However, sometimes the people who I am messaging don't receive the messages until the next day, which defeats the whole purpose.
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    One of the big reasons I stopped using my 650, the txt, the other was no MS Reader app, but thats another story for another time. I send about 6000 a month, and I would either have to wait up to 35-40 seconds for the text to send in that time I can't do anything else with my treo, or it just would error out. I switched to the 9800 and have no issues whatsoever, I miss my treo and all that I did with it such as web and ebooks but the text just irritated me
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    My wife has Verizon (LG 7000) and I have T-Mobile (Treo 650). Occasionally her text messages will come through as gibberish, looking like cyrillic or Greek. This can happen in the middle of an exchange of text messages with the first several coming through fine. But then something goes haywire and both our messages become garbled. Quitting the conversation and deleting it, then starting anew, sets the problem straight.
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    Well, it's still happening... anyone get any support from Verizon or Palm? I've even missed a couple of voicemails because of this problem... The envelope icon does not show... Only when the text message function goes out of order though...
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    I have been using VZW's SMS for nearly a year. It seems that I only have problems with SMS whenever I am receiving or sending an SMS to a T-Mobile customer.

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    i have been sent a new 650 from verizon because this problem eventually carshed my old phone. now... i have had the new phone one day and i am still not getting all my text messages from people (verizon customers). on their phone it says it was delivered. on my old phone i could take the battery out and after putting it back in i would get the texts. not happening now. am i gonna have to switch to blackberry?
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    reprogram your phone. *228 option 1
    I had to do that and it fixed the problem.
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    I had the same problem, exactly the same problem. I went around with verzion tech for hours on end and no one could fix it. I also could not receive or send pix after I had signed up for the program. I had to update the firmware on the phone to receive the pix and as a result it also fixed the text problem. That has been a little over a month ago, and I haven't missed one since then. You should be running 1.05a on verizon.
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    i am using that software and i am still not getting all my textx. do you have any third party apps?
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    My son is having the same problem with his 650. It seems after a while, he stops getting text messages until he after he receives a phone call or shuts off and restarts the phone. Weird.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gapost View Post
    My son is having the same problem with his 650. It seems after a while, he stops getting text messages until he after he receives a phone call or shuts off and restarts the phone. Weird.
    have him reprogram it.
    fixed my problem. until I get another message LOL

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