Have any of you used all 3 of these with a Treo 650? I'm trying to find the best headset and I'm not too concerned with price (though I'd prefer less than $100...) I'm most interested in:
1. Best audio quality / no static (Plantronics 510?)
2. Quick connection (not Plantronics 510?)
3. Works with multiple devices - it would be nice if I could get one to work with my laptop and cordless phone w/ bluetooth adapter (will Plantronics 510 do this?)
4. Good battery life
5. Quick and easy to put on the ear
6. Decent outdoors / with wind (Plantronics, Sony?)

I'm leaning towards the Plantronics 510, but can't find it locally (and I'm concerned that if I order it online I'll get the old version). Does that sound like the best option considering what I'm looking for?

I've used the Plantronics 320 and had a significant amount of static. I then tried the Nokia HS-26W. It's been quite a bit better, but not great. Are there others some of you have found to be better than these three? TIA,