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    I am not sure how many are aware of this new app, but it is fantastic. It has a mode where you just dial the last 4 digits of the phone number and it automatically dials the whole number for you!

    For me, either I have to start typing the name then choosing and dialing, or if I know the number, dialing 10 digits (I am in one of those areas where the 'we are going to run out of phone numbers bogeyman convinced all the state regulators this was going to happen during the late 90s when every company was getting tons of modem pools to dial out to the internet).

    With speeddial, just dial t he last 4 digits!

    Also, finally I can have extra digits dialed out after pressing a speedial key and hitting send.

    Kudos to the guys at Lionscribe. You have my $$ when you release for real.
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    TakePhone will par down the list of canidate phone numbers similarly, not sure about last four digits, but if you have three "John"'s and you key in "john" it will reduce the list down to that. Generally can get a number dialed (via 5-way too, if you're in a hard case and don't want to open it) in maybe 10s.
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    ok but....I8 is good for entering names- what if I dont even know the number to dial?

    I8 comes in handy when you just enter the first few letters of the name and the numbers pop up to dial them.
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    I believe this is a feature that will likely make it into a future release of I8.

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