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    Hi all,

    I have a rather odd problem. This just happened today. When I hit the mail button (mapped to Versamail), the screen flashs like it is going to go into Versamail but it flashes back to the screen I am on. For Example, if I am in the dialer and hit the mail button, the screen flashes but stays on the dialer screen. If I am in the calendar or pTunes, same thing.

    If I go to the Palm Launcher and hit Versamail with the stylus, same thing!! I cannot get into Versamail at all. And this absolutely sux since this is the application I use the most.

    Any thoughts, barring a hard reset because other than this my Treo has worked flawlessly.

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    To add fuel to the fire, Versamail seems to still be checking email because it is giving me the alert that I have new messages but will not go into VersaMail. Grrrr.

    Maybe time for a PPC-6700!
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    I have found Versamail to be unstable so I use Snapper. I would do a hard reset and prepare myself if that doesn't work to:

    1. Sync the VM program in the Hot Sync manager on your desktop. Then try and create a new account to see if you can get your messages.

    2. Do a complete re-install of the software if that doesn't work.
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    Thanks. I got so frustrated last night I did a hard reset and restored just what I needed and everything is working again. Somehow I regained over a 1Mb of the RAM after too.

    It had previously been over 6 months since my last crash/unwanted reboot so I guess I can not complain too much. I even broke down and ordered a new keyboard from performancepda since i suffer from the "p" problem but not just with the p key also with the ALT and right shift keys.

    In a few weeks it will be like a new phone again. Has anyone suffered the p key problem wiht a replacement keyboard?
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    I wuz gonna say after yu hard reset check and amke sure you do the latest ROM upgrade. On Cingular for example, they just re;eased a new version of 1.17 and, as far as I can tell, the only change is a versameil update, soemthing like 3.1.c to 3.1.d

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