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    UPDATE: Take a gander:

    UPDATE 2: Our buddy over at Treonauts offers this great overview:

    I've read rumblings on Engadget sometime back of Sandisk or some other company that supposedly has 6, 8 and even 32GB SD cards in the offiing. Anyone heard of new developments for these cards? My music collection alone is 5GB, so I would want at least an 8GB card, and want to hold out. The way 4 gb cards are now commonplace, it shouldnt be too long. Just wondering how long?
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    There's several threads talking about new technology announcements.
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    hey jack i have a really quick ?, can u answer for me please
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    Looks like 8 GB no workie w/o a patch

    "To be honest, I now “know” that this is probably impossible for a simple reason: downwards compatibility and variable size for the VFS manager API. To explain the situation, the VFS manager API is the interface that programs use to talk to external memory cards. It uses UInt32 variables for most calls, so the maximum adressable/returnable size is 4 GB(2^32).

    Dmitry Grinberg has reported that he already has a patch for 8GB SD cards..but as said, no 8GB volumes for unpatched handhelds! "
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    i cant wait to say goodbye to my ipod.
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