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    OK, here's the scenario... Using my laptop's video out port, I connect a video cable to the TV (and an audio cable via the headphone port), and presto, a portable DVD player.

    Now, using TCPMP (or similar), I'd like to make my T650 do the same.

    Obviously, the audio is easy (via the headphone jack and a small amp), but what about the video? Is there a piece of hardware that will attach to the T650 and provide a video out? Even better would be a bluetooth video capture device that would provide video out (although I'm not sure BT's bandwidth is anywhere near enough for video).

    Has anyone ever tried getting a video out signal from a Treo?
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    There's this:

    There's Margi's Presenter-To-Go, but it's been discontinued:

    I found one on ebay:

    Also, search the Treocentral archives for Presenter-to-go ...
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    Gee, with Margi gone, I think there is room for someone else to offer a product like this.

    My suggestion? MAKE IT LESS EXPENSIVE. I think Margi priced it at professionals (who are likely to carry laptops anwyay), when much of the Treo market is enthusiasts... Someone ought to redesign a product to use the new Treo connector output (SD won't work if you want to watch movies on your SD card)...
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    You guys ROCK!

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    you know my UX50 counld get bluetooth video/camera realtime via streaming from a sony cybershot with bluetooth (not many of them around no more) and was wondering if there was anything that could make that happen again?
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