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    I have recently seen some new products that include a bluetooth USB dongle with a bluetooth headset (moto makes one) to be used specifically with your laptop for apps like Skype.

    I am wondering if I have a standard bluetooth headset for my cell phone (moto, jabra, scala, etc.) and my laptop is bluetooth compatible, would I be able to just use that headset? Or is there something special with the hardware of the PC-based version either in the headset or the dongle?

    If I could use my headset now with both cell and skype, I would be a very happy camper but I wonder why they are packaged seperately like that.

    Anyone know if it is possible and, if so, how? Thanks.
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    All I can tell you is that the Bluetooth manager on my tablet PC "sees" my Bluetooth headset, but I don't use Skype or have any apps that I would use with it on the laptop, so I haven't tested it out. But it would seemingly be possible...
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    I have the standard Treo headset, not sure who makes it but it says Treo on it. I cant get it to show up in my Bluetooth Places, any reason why?
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