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    LudusTech's new utility: SharkClear lets you clear the cache of your Treo 650/TX/T5/E2/LifeDrive when certain apps (like Blazer, games, Avantgo, etc...) launch. This results in more speed and stability.

    In addition, you can clear the cache on power on/off, and it comes with a QuickClear icon in the command bar so you can clear the cache in any app.

    If interested, please read the official beta thread here:

    regards, tyler
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    How is this different than what DBCacheDA does?
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    Quote Originally Posted by slorandy
    How is this different than what DBCacheDA does?
    One thing SharkClear does is allow for two different level of cache clearing. It can also be set to behave differently for different applications and actions. Checkout the thread linked to above.
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    right, and beyond that SharkClear also uses an optimized ARM routine to clear the cache and Beta 3 will have more advanced protection and way more stability options to prevent resets.

    best regards, tyler
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    Is the db cache you are clearing regular ram? You describe the db cache as needed because programs cannot run directly from Flash. So does that mean the cache is the RAM? Is dbcache the heap and stack?
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    Apps can't be run directly from flash, they must be copied into DBcache and then run from there. So yes, DBCache is RAM (like what's on a T3 or a Sony CLIE) but there's only ~13 megs of it. Compare that to the 23 (for a treo) to 64 megs of app storage and DBcache can't fit it all in at once!!

    To answer your second point: while DBcache, the heap/stack are all RAM, none is part of the others.

    regards, tyler
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    Does rebooting the treo clear out the dbcache?
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    yes it does.

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    so does firing up blazer with the latest firmwares.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by madcap
    so does firing up blazer with the latest firmwares.....
    How does Blazer do this? It's not happening on my Sprint Treo w/ firmware 1.13a.
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    You wrote:
    > so does firing up blazer with the latest firmwares.....

    What does that mean? Blazer is the web browser? Which firmwares?
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    this work ok for me a few days ago , but now when I hit the icon the screen flashes like its loading the app, then back tio the launcher......for some reason it won't launch.does anyone know why?? I did a clean uninstall with uninstall manager, soft reset then tried to reload the app in ram, same thing, anyone have a clue let me know!
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    Same problem here. Any ideas?
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    same here, flash, then nothing

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    Post #38 of this thread:

    It's not supposed to work after 12-Apr-2006.
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    Mine does the same, but it appears to still be working. I have it set to clear on launch an app. In looking at MemoryInfo, it is still working.
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    Mine still worked after it expired too but it caused an issue with my VM and SMS after it expired. My VM indicator would not clear automatically and I received SMS's 4 to 5 times. It all cleared up when I removed it. Go figure? I wish he would post the update. Once I got it working well, it worked really well.
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