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    I have been trying to get my Treo to double as a pager. My company uses skytel paging services.. I dont want to carry around both units. I need to store all of my pager contacts in my contact folder. These are pin numbers, but pagers can be reached via email addresses.

    I would think that this would be as easy as entering pager numbers as email2 addresses in my contacts but this is not the case.

    All Skytel email addresses are numbers: When entering in this address, what happens is that it sets up the clickable link on only the number, so you cant click on it as an email address. It looks like this:

    Anyone have a way to get around this so that I can send SMS or emails to pagers like this?

    Using GOODLINK software on the treo.
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    This sounds GoodLink specific. You can send regular SMS messages to an email address just fine, I do it regularly.
    I think this should have been posted in the GOOD forum...
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