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    I live in Arizona where we don't change to Daylight savings. My Mac connects to my Treo using MarkSpace just fine. However, I was just in NJ during the change to daylight savings.

    When I returned to Arizona all of my calendar times are off by 1 hr. For example, for a 5 pm appointment, it will display now at 6 pm, and in the title of the appointment it will say (xxx 5 pm MST) ...

    I've tried a soft reset and resync, but that doesn't help ... why does Datebk think it is in Mountain Daylight Time instead of Mountain Standard?

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    I know this is a very old post, but I had exactly the same hardware/software configuration and exactly the same problem. MarkSpace points you to a page:

    Just follow the directions and it works perfectly! The annoying shifts and parenthetical notes are gone! (Kinda scary when something works just right the first time.)

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