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    I have an additonal memory 1 Gig card and I can directly download some software directly to the card to save my limited approx 24 mb memory on the Treo 650. Is there any softwear that can be downloaded to the Treo 650 that allows you to download applications directly to the memory card. Many of the applications or new software for these applications can only be downloaded to the treo and not to the memory card. Thanks for any help and suggestions. RT
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    Palm Quick Install allows you to select HotSyncing to the expansion card. Isn't that available standard with the Treo? I thought it was. It's not on the Treo, but included with the desktop software. Also, Zlauncher can move apps to the card.
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    A better title would be "How to download programs directly to SD card".

    Regardless, after you download the app to the Treo, you can always copy it to the SD card and then delete it from NVFS.

    Good luck!
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    PowerRun is $15.00 and worth every penny.
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    Power Run does not fully support some programs. For instance, try HanDBase with a defined form; it loads the database but not the associated form. If the program you move to the SD card has to run automagically, it will not. PowerRun is ok for some options, but it does have its deficiencies. Ben
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    So use ZLinks or ZLauncher. They will move all associated files to the SD card, then back again at launch time. Depending on how large the files are, it can be quite fast to pretty slow. Fast SD (at least 45x) card also helps.

    You can even trick it into moving non-associated (by creator id) files by manually moving them. I have a Weight Watchers calculator that has 600k of databases, but they're a different creator ID. So I moved wwcalc to SD card, then manually moved the databases to the /palm/programs/zlauncher/apps/wwcalc directory, and they all move to ram on launch (and are removed after). Little slow, however.

    People have used the same trick for the Java bloat to use KMaps.

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