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    all of a sudden the vibrate has stopped working on my phone. it shows thats its on in the phone settings but it never vibrates with the ringer on or off.

    the ringer works but not vibrate.

    anyone have any ideas about how to fix this?

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    Click on the "Sounds" icon and look to make sure that sound off mode vibrate is set to on. Hope this solves your issue
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    yup, this is the first place i checked... it says on
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    well then you got me stumped
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    try backing up and then hard reset .... perhaps one of your programs might be interfering
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    There is a FAQ somewhere in which I read a solution for this.

    Basically you need to shake the handset up and down, or sideways?, while it should be vibrating, and that should free it off as it may have got stuck

    If you search there is an app called Treo Battery V3.0 which has a few test modes. One of them is Vibrate. Might help
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    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    weird.... i disabled and then re-enabled bluetooth and its working again.

    so anyone with this problem, try switching off bluetooth.

    thanks for the help / suggestions

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