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    If I purchase an unlocked 650 will it be compatiable with TMobile's service? Looking to buy one and dont want to waste my money!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes it will work. But, be sure it is REALLY unlocked. Some people think unbranding via ROM unlocks. Not so. Also, even if the wrong unlock code is input, it will return a "SIM unlocked" message, even if it is still locked. The only way to be sure is to have a T-Mo card.
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    so if i have a tmobile 600 sim it will power it? If not, how do i get a tmbile card?

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    If it is unlocked, your t-mo card will work.
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    A unlocked 650 will work just as well as the TC search function.
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    I have a cingular branded 650 that i unlocked from unlockcellular w/the treocentral promo code using w/my tmobile service

    Working great!!

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