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    There are cameras on the market that slide into your SD slot. I'm not sure if they're any good, or if they'd work on a Treo, but it's gotta be better than the stock camera.... right?

    Here's a couple links:

    Anyone tried these yet?
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    Has anyone tried an SD camera?
    Yes, the Treo.
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    Save your money....
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    Look at the specs. They're no better that the built in camera on the Treo.
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    Why would you want to put into your only SD slot a camera that has equal or inferior specs to the camera on your Treo?
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    I am constantly amazed at the attempts to make a junky little camera into something it's not.

    Between the SD camera add-ons and the little attachments for the camera, no matter what you do, these cameras are pathetic. The SD camera is simply the Treo Camera on a stick. Plastic lens, zippo resolution, all wrapped up on a nice plastic package.

    It surprises me when people whip out thier cell phone and start taking pictures, expecting any sort of quality from them. People... these are phones, not cameras.

    Why did cell phone manufacturers ever start putting these things on phones? I'd rather get a $50 price break on the phone and leave the camera at the manufacturer.
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    I just sold my old Canon A-series camera and replaced it with a new and improved model. The old cam had compact disk memory and I wanted to be able to upload pictures while on the road. I bought a better Canon with an SD card and it works great to just swap SD cards and send decent pictures to friends or a website. I fought this at first, but now glad I went this route. I'm no photo wiz kid - but I can take decent pictures with the Canon, and send them all over the world without much effort. I still use the treo camera for things I want to remember. I've used it for keeping track of prices and items while appliance and material shopping. I can also take a quick picture of a handwritten note that a contractor has written. I have to put it on my pc to be able to read it - but it's nice to be able to recall things like this and that's all I use the Treo cam for. I use the Canon to get 6 mp with an optical zoom and flash to take decent pictures.


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