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    Phone keeps reseting, but never turning on. When it's just about to be on, a warning box pops up saying "Warning-Memory is low, delete program" (not exact wording, working off what I remember), then it resets again. This started out of nowhere. It's been happening for about 2 hours. And as i'm typing this, the screen has just turned all white-not reseting anymore. Any idea what's going on?
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    Try checking out this thread:

    Do the warm reset, delete whatever you can to clear up memory, then do a normal reset.
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    Thanks for the link. I followed the instructions (I think) for a warm reset, but it still keeps reseting. When doing a warm reset-I hold the "Up" button, and push the reset button quickly(like a soft reset), then when the Palm Powered circle appears, I let go of the "up" bottun? I've done that and nothing happens. Am I supposed to be holding the "UP" AND the "reset" button down, until the Palm logo appears?

    If I do a hard reset, do i lose all data until i sync again?
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    just as I typed the last message, i THINK it's working....
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    Your last backup should be ok if nothing was happening wrong at that time. Otherwise, that's life. If you have a SD card, I would suggest using it with a good backup program that supports multiple backups and use that. I use BackupManager and it backs the Treo 650 every night at 11P. This means that if I have to do a hard reset, then I loose only one day of data and that results in minimal inconvenience. I had to do a hard reset yesterday (day off) and had to update three items after I reinstalled from the last backup on the card. I have not done a restore from the desktop in a long, long time. Ben
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    nope, nevermind. My phone was off, and I was able to delete some emails, but when i soft reset it.

    As of last night, I had about 7 m of memory left, now i have 500k, or so. Not sure what happened.

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