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    ok, So I've done a couple evenings worth or research, posted questions and received answers, talked to a variety of people and actually made a decision - get a 662 AND a 300 for the differing times when I need to use a headset.

    Of course, now I can't find them on the web for a decent price since they're apparently discontinued by S/E. I really only want to spend about $100 - $125 for both of them but am seeing each of these headsets for those prices or more all over, when they're actually in stock. Even ebay is too expensive at $80 + $30 + ~$40 S&H from two different sellers...

    Anyone want to part with theirs that they're not using anymore? If so, PM me and let's talk...
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    I have an HBH-300 that's in great condition that I'll be done with in another few days. And I'm local (I live in Holly Springs, work in Cary, and drive all over the place).

    send me mail if you're interested.


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