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    I use a real estate system (Top Producer) and the first time I tried I managed to expost from there into a CSV format and synched in to my treo. The second time though I notice it did not work.

    I have the contacts (phone numbers etc), on my desk top, are they supposed to load automatically when I synch, or am I missing a step?

    Also, what is documents to go and how does it work? When I sync it says this didnt work? And I noticed at the top of my excel csv spreadsheet there is a documents to go button, which I clicked to "add to user" being myself before I did the sync, and still no luck

    Sorry for the dumb question and thanks in advance to ayone who can help
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    OK, I'm confused. Is Top Producer an excel based system? If you are just exporting contact information in a CSV format to import them into Outlook on your PC then there does not need to be any relationship to Docs to Go (program to convert excel and other MS documents so they can be used on Treo). Contacts on your PC should sync to your treo contacts files directly. If you are trying to send a spreadsheet file to the Treo then Docs to Go should do that and the file would be accessible from Docs to Go on your Treo. Sorry, but I need more information to provide anything useful.

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