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    I no longer use Versamail and would like to delete all related files from my new Verizon Treo 650. Does anyone know which files are associated with Versamail?

    Doug Theis
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    You can't delete VersaMail. Only through a custom ROM can it be removed. You could also use a program like obfuscate to hide it.
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    I removed worse-amail and a few other apps via a custom rom, and i'm glad I did.
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    Versamail was not on my Treo in it's factory state. I installed it from the CD that came with the Treo.

    There are two files with Versamail as the name, and a number of files that begin with MM files, such as MMHtmlPlugin, MMConfigFPI, etc. Are these MM files part of Versamail?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dougtheis
    Versamail was not on my Treo in it's factory state.

    Is that possible? I thought all Treos came from Palm One with Versamail embedded in the ROM image??
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    To quote from Solution 15342 at

    Verizon Wireless note: Your Treo 650 does not include VersaMail on ROM. Rather, it includes the Wireless Sync client from Verizon, which provides email and PIM synchronization. If you have questions about Wireless Sync, contact Verizon. For those who perfer VersaMail, it can be installed on your Treo 650 from the CD-ROM included with the smartphone.

    I'm looking for a list of files that are installed to my Treo 650 as a result of installing versamail, in order to delete all of these files.
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    Should be able to do the "Delete" from the Launcher (default Palm launcher, if you're using a third-party launcher) and it should do the trick.

    Curious.... If you don't have VersaMail, does the Wireless Sync client have email in it (not just syncing it)? Otherwise, how would you read the synced email?
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    It is not how to delete the files, but rather which files to delete that I am asking. As stated before, there are two files named Versamail, and a number of other files with the first two letters MM (assuming Multimail, the prior version of Versamail) that are suspect.

    Wireless sync is an Intellisync application, It is described in About... as Mobile Suite Version It comes with mail client called Mail (clever) that is also copyrighted by Intellisync. The version of this application is, dated June 28, 2005.

    To overshare further, I have switched to the Wireless Sync/Mail because it helps me avoid a couple of problems trying to use Versamail with my corporate Unix based e-mail platform, namely that Verizon does not send out a fully-qualified hostname as part of the helo verb in its outgoing SMTP statment, so I am not able to send e-mail outbound using Versamail. I had also tried to use Verizon's outbound e-mail server, but most e-mail systems will not allow e-mail in from one domain name with another domain name as the e-mail address. The e-mail server assumes mail like this is spam. Using wireless sync solves the mail relay problem although it does complicate maters in other ways. But it allows me to send and receive corporate e-mail without a hitch, and that is my ultimate goal.
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    Here is a list that is used when removing it from ROM, you could do the same with FileZ on your Treo I would guess.
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    Thanks for a direct, no-nonsense answer.
    Doug Theis
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    Well excuuuuuuuuuuuse me.. Normally the Palm launcher will delete most everything.

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