I did a search (yep, I really do try that first!) and only found one other person with this comment, but no definitive answer. I am trying to do an email account on Versamail with IMAP. For the most part it works, except for one really glaring problem - "sent mail" syncing. I have synced everything on the Versamail set up - the IMAP folders are loaded on both Outlook and the Treo. However, the "default" Versamail Sent folder is still the default folder when sending mail - nothing goes to my "sent-mail" IMAP folder which is there. Is there a way to fix this?

Is this why people use Chatter?

(OK, the sent mail in Outlook goes to the "home" sent folder, not the IMAP sent folder also. I run 3 POP accounts and this IMAP account on my Outlook. Should Outlook be either or, but not both?)