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    Surprised no one posted this yet. New, version 3.0 of Express. Same news, better Sports, including NASCAR, yeah. Better showbiz, better maps, extras including Dear Abby, Wierd News and of course, shopping sections for palm software. Overall seems much quicker going between pages. I didn't really use Express that much, but probably will use it more now. BTW, you can try it for free but there is a subscription cost.

    Download page

    Yeah, after looking closer, it does seem that there are some always free sections. That's pretty cool and everyone should try that. It is a good, quick way to see the news and weather. Sports is so-so unless the Nascar is free too.

    Sorry for the mis-spelled Handmark. Didn't proofread.
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    I know not everyone loves Express, and a lot of people think it's a waste of money w/ DA being available for free (or donationware, whatever it is -- I'm not sure), but I absolutely love this program.

    Now it appears that there are free channels that you can use w/ it that don't cost anything, ever. These include news, sports, and weather. (Maybe it was always like this and I just didn't notice.) Express also supports moving channels to the SD card to free up RAM.

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    Anyone notice that this new version of Express seems to take up a lot more RAM? Doesn't seem to deliver that much additional functionality for such a larger footprint.
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    I only really used Express of news and weather. The maps and directions weren't all that great, and now that I have TomTom 5 and Directory Assistant I don't need maps or 411. I'm so glad I didn't renew my subscription back in Feb when it expired. Now I can get weather, news and sports for free!
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    anyone else having problems moving channels to card with the new version? when I hold down the button and move to card treo reboots. the only way to get that channel back is to reinstall express - even though the channel show up under the launcher directory on the card.

    any ideas? thanks
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    I moved all channels back to the RAM for my ver 2.x software, deleted Express from my Treo and PC, installed ver 3 and then moved everything except Maps to the card.

    Seems to be working as designed.
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    I also have the problem moving channels to the card. Tried what the previous post luck.

    I am very disappointed in the upgrade. I'm thinking about just dumping my sub and saving the $7 a month if this isn't corrected SOON.
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    I also moved all channels to the card, deleted them via Express, then removed Express w/ Uninstall Manager, then updated the application and moved "everything" to the card, except for maps. It seems to take up 1 MB more than the previous version, something I'm not happy about.

    And, I can't figure out how to make it know I have an account. The new version uses the phone number of the phone, not a user/pass, and my account has no phone number attached to it. I emailed them, and am waiting for a response.

    I have TomTom as well, and even though I really love Express, I may end up cancelling my subscription as well.
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    These guys slipstream new builds without any way of finding out. Mine is

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    At page one if you hold down the channel it will give you the option to move to card. Like Jonahan said it has you phone number. I am not sure if I still have a register account. I am guessing it verified it OTA. I looked on their website and it said it was vail until sept 2006.
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    Well with a heavy heart I unsubscribed today. The new update would not work even if I left it in RAM. The directions kept saying my sub had expired and asked for a CC# ( I pay thru my Sprint subscription.) So went back to ver. 2.0.

    Now my news will not update no matter what I try. I tried a complete uninstall and reinstall and even used the Zlaunch file manager to make sure nothing was left behind. Upon re-install still no news.

    Oh well I can always use an extra $7 a month...Too bad. I really liked the all-in-one solution, but instability and now this botched update and problems related to it have pushed my patience beyond it's limit.
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    I had the "expired" problem about every other month when I was on the Sprint subscription model. Numerous calls to both Sprint and Handmark were not too productive. Both sides would point the finger to the other. It would always seem to clear up in a week or so, but not being able to depend upon the subscription was ridiculous. That was on version 2.x btw.

    I canceled the Sprint subscription (sad because it was using my "free" credits each month). I subscribed directly with Handmark, and have not had the issue since.

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