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    I haves Docs to Go 8.003

    What will Isilo do that DTG won't?
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    Isilo is completely different. IT will interpret HTML files/urls so that they are readable on your Palm device.

    It is not an editor, not a word viewer, not an excel viewer nor editor, not a powerpoint editor nor viewer...

    If I remember correctly on the PC it may be able to translate PDF (it's been a while) but not sure...

    These are very different apps. I have both. I USE D2G as my Doc/Xcel viewer and editor... and to view some PDFs...

    BUT i've pretty much retired my iSilo (tho I have it registered) because NOW that I use a T650 I really have no need for offsite HTML viewing...
    BUT it works nicely when I need some URL/HTML optimized for my T650.

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    I use both as well. Isilo is still usefull for offline web browsing via isilox. (Although plucker+sunrise combo is really nice as well). In addition there are literally tons of isilo formatted medical texts I use as well...
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