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    Is there any way for goodlink to store all the email on the storage card rather than the storage memory?

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    The email is not in the storage memory. It is on your server. Only the firs 2K of the message is sent. When the storage of those messages hits s certain threshold, GoodLink will start removing aged emails from the device, but not from Exchange. To give you an idea, I have over 500 emails in my inbox, another 1,800+ in sent, 900 in deleted, and another 1,000+ in folders and don't have an issue.
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    i get a lot of long emails and voice attachments so i only have 100 or so emails in my inbox max. Is there a way to tell goodlink to store them on the card?
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    How many emails are in your Outlook inbox? You should have no issues at all with messages in your inbox. Attachements are not automatically sent with the email. But to answer your question, you cannot store emails on the SD card.
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    Will we be able to store emails on the SD Card in the upcoming 5.0 release??
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