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    What's the difference between these:

    Rasioshack's Stereo Adapter

    Seidio's Stereo Adapter
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    The Rasioshack version converts a mono source to drive stereo headphones. The Seidio version is stereo to stereo AND it is flexible. Don't buy the Rasioshack version. I have the Sedio adapter and it works well.
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    RS Model: 274-373 is the one that's stereo-to-stereo.
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    The rs one will break your jack much easier because of the torque it places on the jack when moved or bumped.
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    I prefer this one for the reasons in the above post
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    I prefer this one for the reasons in the above post
    If the Seidio connector would add a pass thru for power than it would really be home run for me.
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    Agree. That's what's keeping me from buying 2-3 more of these (I need for use in car, office, home, etc.).
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    Will the first radioshack adapter mentioned 1/8 (3.5mm) to 3/32 (2.5) (I assume that these are the right measurments) work no matter if the conversionis set up for any of these (mono to mono), (stereo to mono), (mono to stereo), or(stereo to stereo) ? I am asking because I know on most phones that it matters how many circles are around the plug in, I know that the earpiece out of the box has two like the seidio, and the first radioshack converter only has one. Does this matter, or can I still be use that one on my 700, specifically with a fm transmitter (hence the need for a converter), it has a 3.5 mm jack and needs to be 2.5. Also when using a fm transmitter can you get calls through your car speakers and still talk through the microphone like you have it on speakerphone?
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    I just received the Seidio adapter being discussed. Man what a tight fit into the Treo connection, I almost felt like I had to rip it out in order to disconnect it. Assume it will loosen up a little (not too much I hope but some) after some more use but got scared when I couldn't disconnect it right away after trying it.
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